MCSA is proud to partner with RLPS Architects for the construction of spaces made for Aging Seniors.

Founded in 1954, RLPS Architects provides master planning, architectural, and interior design services based on a simple promise to Inspire People and Transform Lives. They work with senior living providers throughout the United States, focusing on innovative planning and design strategies that support our community’s mission, values, and long-term vitality in a challenging marketplace.

The RLPS team includes registered architects and certified interior designers as well as LEED and WELL Accredited Professionals. This dedicated team of professionals is passionate about providing hospitality-inspired, senior-friendly designs that reflect the distinct cultures and missions of the organizations RLPS serves.

Responding to Current Priorities and Challenges for Senior Living

RLPS actively participates in senior living and design organizations to continually expand their knowledge of industry trends. This helps them better understand the challenges seniors may be facing while developing creative design strategies to help teams address them.

For example, RLPS can offer design concepts that increase staffing efficiencies by centralizing service areas and reducing walking distances. We can also create opportunities for dining venues that “work harder” through flexible designs to extend their use throughout the day.

Experience with Masonic Clients

RLPS has the privilege of currently working with Masonic organizations in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts as well as previous work in New Jersey and Kentucky. They value the ongoing relationships which have been built with each of these groups.  Their experience with these Masonic Communities has provided a clear understanding of the unique experiences of sponsors, residents and staff in these organizations.

Wondering how you can budget and control costs for your next project?

RLPS has identified fundamental considerations and the best practices for project budgeting and cost control to help senior living communities maintain forward project momentum. Use the link below to download a copy of their recent white paper, “The Million Dollar Question: Determining Senior Living Project Costs.”

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MCSA is proud to have members like RLPS to benefit our people in any way we can.