Business Partner Spotlight: Mill Creek Capital Advisors

With March marking the end of the first quarter of the year, many of our esteemed business partners have a bigger picture of their financial performance. Mill Creek Capital Advisors dove into the second quarter this April with three important documental outlooks and reviews: their Q2 2023 Outlook and two market commentary pieces from our experts in capital advising.

2023 Quarter 2

Mill Creek’s Q2 Outlook for 2023 is a comprehensive review of the current going-ons regarding US finances. It goes into detail about our current situation, taking past data and present along with social happenings and economic events into consideration, and presents it all in a very clean and coherent manner that makes it easier for their clients (or their client’s constituents) to understand.


  • Red, White, and Overdue
  • House View Summary
  • First Quarter 2023: Market Review
  • Equity Spotlight
  • Our Perspective
  • Disclosures

To learn more about Mill Creek’s Q2 outlook, you can access the document here!

Market Commentary:
Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

In this 1-page commentary on inflation, federal funds, and the banking industry, Mill Creek’s analysis experts give their take on the current crises and high degree of uncertainty plaguing the banking sector.


“The question at hand is, will a cutback in bank lending be enough to tame inflation without additional rate hikes? At the FOMC’s press conference, Powell emphasized that tighter credit conditions act as a ‘substitute’ for rate hikes, and it will take time to assess how significantly the effects flow through to the economy. The situation remains fluid and we expect monetary policy will adjust accordingly, but with inflation still well above the 2% annual target, Powell’s job just got much harder.”

Read the full article from Mill Creek Capital Advisors here!

Market Commentary:
The Increasing Likelihood of Unlikely Events

Regarding the current state of the economy and future events that Mill Creek specializes in attempting to predict, unlikely events are becoming more and more likely, and Mill Creek wants to make sure everyone is prepared for what happens.


“Going forward, we should expect more of these “unlikely events” as market participants and policymakers negotiate competing priorities. An environment of high GDP growth, high inflation, and bank failures is without historical precedent and there are seemingly few easy paths remaining for the Fed. They will likely choose between persistent inflation, recession, or a combination of both — and at this point, they are trying to sort out the least painful option.”

If you’re interested in reading more about the likelihood of unlikely events, the Mill Creek article can be found here!

About Mill Creek

Mill Creek Capital Advisors was founded in 2006 with a determination to provide informed, unbiased, and customized advice to help clients achieve their financial goals. Today, they serve more than 300 families and institutions as an independent, fully staffed investment office, managing over $8 billion of assets on their behalf.

Masonic Communities partners with Mill Creek Capital Advisors for national investments and trustworthy financial advice.