Join 3 Pillars Senior Living Community in their Memory Care Campaign.

Three Pillars’ Memory Care Campaign

Three Pillar's Memory Care Campaign is a great way to get involved in MCSA's mission to care for our senior communities.

With specialties across the board, Three Pillars’ Living Communities in Wisconsin has seen the growing need for memory and dementia care and is working hard to satisfy it.

Three Pillars Senior Living Communities’ exciting memory care vision is built around the continued evolution of dementia-capable spaces. Intentional at every turn, they aim to set a new standard of caring for individuals and families affected by dementia, which involves providing a full spectrum of holistic dementia care along with a strong sense of inclusion. They plan to change barriers and stereotypes surrounding memory care – how?

From their Memory Care Campaign Page:

“Three Pillars has developed a thorough, strategic plan to address the pressing need for more services, support, and programming for those affected by varying stages of dementia, along with their loved ones. The two keystones of this plan include:

  • Building three, new Residential Memory Care neighborhoods (with the opportunity to add a fourth). Each will serve 18 residents.
  • Establishing a Cognitive Resource Center to serve individuals and caregivers affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Primary components will include memory care training, resource center, wellness and respite programs.

These additions, located close to a brand-new childcare center, walking paths, garden home neighborhoods, and our town center, will become a vital part of our Three Pillars campus. They will be thoughtfully designed for maximum social engagement, security, and cognitive stimulation.”

Learn all about Three Pillar’s Memory Care Campaign and what you can do to support them on their website page dedicated to the campaign.

The time to contribute is now, and Three Pillars is aiming to meet the need for specific dementia-related care in Wisconsin before the need becomes overwhelming – join them in their goal to be proactive and donate today! You can contact them on their website or find them in the MCSA directory for any questions or further discussion.


MCSA is proud to be the partner of several retirement homes across the country that specialize in memory care, including Three Pillars Senior Living Communities in Wisconsin.

From CNA to Management: A Journey Featuring Jobs in Senior Living

Follow along with a blog from the Careers department at Masonic Homes Kentucky about healthcare jobs in the senior living industry and the 4 factors you need to consistently climb the senior living ladder!

From Their Newsroom:

If there’s one thing to know about senior living, it’s that the industry is largely dynamic and ever-growing. It has dramatically changed over the last few decades going from the idea of only being skilled “nursing homes” – lined with sterile rooms furnished with hospital beds – to flourishing retirement, independent, assisted living and memory care communities; communities that foster dignity, independence, purpose and respect.

If you’re just beginning your journey in senior living, a community-level position may be the perfect fit for you! These positions would include NAs, dining servers, cooks, housekeeping, maintenance generalist, and others. There are leadership roles in these departments as well like hospitality manager, activities and/or life enrichment director, sales director, registered nurse (RN), certified nursing assistant (CNA), or even an Executive Director.

According to MHKY, here are a few steps to take personally that will greatly impact your professional growth and upward movement in your career:

Climbing the corporate ladder in senior living and care to a management position is a natural flow, especially in environments like Masonic homes and communities.


Read the full blog from Masonic Homes Kentucky on their news page!

About Masonic Homes Kentucky

Founded in 1867, Masonic Homes Kentucky’s aging care services include independent living, assisted living, personal care, rehabilitation therapies, memory care, skilled nursing care, home care, dialysis, medical clinic and child development. Its campuses are located in Louisville, Shelbyville and Northern Kentucky. For more information, visit!

If you’re interested in becoming a Masonic member, visit our Membership page today!


Masonic Homes Kentucky provides assisted and independent living to people of all ages in the Louisville, Shelbyville, and other Northern Kentucky areas.

Meet Masonic Homes Kentucky, Our Spotlight Member

Learn more about the programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri!

Behind The Programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri!

Our member spotlight is one that prides themselves on the impact that they make on their communities. Learn more about the fundamental programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri!

Creating-A-Partnership (CAP)

Beyond helping Masonic individuals and families, the inception of the Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) 20 years ago allows the Masonic Home of Missouri to assist Missouri Masons and Order of the Eastern Star members make a positive impact for children in their own communities. The CAP Program has been a significant win for many communities throughout Missouri! It is not enough for communities to survive, it is necessary for them to thrive for generations to come, and the Missouri Lodges and Chapters are doing the work to ensure this happens. Last fiscal year (FY22), 34,662 children were helped through the program and 113 Lodges and Chapters provided over $777,500 for their communities.

Programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri provide help and support for children and their communities.

This is a milestone to be truly celebrated! Follow our Facebook page for more success stories.


Veteran Flag Presentations

As we arrive into a new “normal” post pandemic, the public recognition of Veterans in Lodges and Chapters is revitalized. As a Fraternity, it has always recognized the importance of Veterans, and the programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri ensure this is upheld with a unique and personal Masonic Flag Presentation.

Presenting the Flag is an honored tradition and program at the Masonic Home of Missouri

Harry S. Truman reminds us that, “our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid.” The Masonic Home of Missouri is living by these words to repay this debt.

This meaningful ceremony brings in Masonic elements and provides a permanent reminder of that recognition in the presentation of a flag, pin and certificate. This past year there have been over 300 ceremonies across the state.

As 2023 gets underway, the core mission of the Masonic Home of Missouri resides in its ability, not only to serve those in need with a multitude of wrap around services, but to ensure the charity is protected for generations to come. Having a membership and communities who care, not only about today, but respect the past and are planning for the future ensures there will be a Masonic Home of Missouri (while not of brick and mortar) when needed most.

Learn more about the upcoming events on our page!

This past fiscal year, (FY21-22) has been an exceptional year for the Masonic Home of Missouri.

There’s No Place Like Home – We Are Where You Are!

The Masonic Home of Missouri has evolved beyond a physical home. The Masonic Home offers multiple programs to help Missouri Masons, their wives or widows, Eastern Star ladies, and children, wherever they live. Since 1991, the Masonic Home of Missouri’s shift into Programs has allowed the organization to grow beyond a building into an organization with unlimited potential. And this past year proves that!

This past fiscal year, (FY21-22) has been an exceptional year for the Masonic Home of Missouri. For the first time since the inception of the Outreach Programs, over $2 million of direct assistance was provided to clients. This does not include operational costs, meaning every donor dollar went directly to help someone in need. With an estimated 44,042 lives impacted in one year, these numbers are the highest since the Masonic Home came into existence, and far surpasses the number of people that could have been helped in a facility.

The Masonic Home of Missouri has evolved beyond a physical home.

For more stories and information, visit our publications online, or our website. 

The Programs categorize into three areas. Financial, Partnership, and Resource & Recognition Programs. With a total of 10 programs ranging from Long –Term to Short –Term Financial Assistance, Children’s Outreach, Creating-A-Partnership, Social Services, Widows and Veterans Recognition, Masonic Family Cares, Partnering to Honor, and Financial Education Programs. The Masonic Home of Missouri truly is where our members are, whenever they need us.

Since 1991, the Masonic Home of Missouri has shifted into Programs that allow the organization to grow beyond a building into an organization with unlimited potential.

Click here to learn more, and access our directory here.

The cost of living for the MCSA villagers. How much to live in a retirement community?

Cost Essentials of Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) offer multiple levels of active retirement and health care options – retirement living (independent living), personal care, and skilled nursing on the same campus. How the cost of health care is covered depends on the plan offered. Upon moving into a CCRC, residents select one of these plans:  

Type A – Lifecare 

Under a Lifecare contract, offered at Masonic Village at Sewickley, residents pay an upfront entrance fee and an ongoing monthly fee that bundles most of the cost for day-to-day living. Residents who transfer from retirement living to health care pay essentially the same monthly fee in place at time of transfer. Most communities will adjust the monthly fee for the additional meals provided in personal care and skilled nursing.  

  • Entrance fees are higher because you’re covering a full range of future possible health challenges.  
  • The monthly fee remains virtually the same if your health needs increase.  
  • Most residents qualify for tax advantages.  
  • Preferred by residents looking for cost certainty and financial protection of their savings/assets. 

 Type C – Fee for Service 

Under a fee for service contract, residents pay an upfront entrance fee and an ongoing monthly fee that bundles most of the cost for day-to-day living. Entry fees and monthly fees are lower upon entry into active retirement living, but residents pay the full cost of personal care or skilled nursing for as long as needed at market rates. 

  • The entrance fee allows the community to charge a lower monthly fee than Lifecare communities. 
  • This plan does not provide for tax write-off since heath care services are not pre-funded. 
  • Savings and assets are potentially depleted paying for health care. 

Some CCRCs offer a  rental option without an entrance fee requirement. Residents who choose this type of contract pay a higher monthly fee and assume the full risk of the cost and self-coordination of their future care. 

Visit our cost page for more information on retirement living fees.

MCSA Hosts COVID Roundtable Discussion via Zoom

Today MCSA was host to a COVID Roundtable discussion via Zoom. Led by Board Members, Gary Charland (Masonic Homes of California) and J Scott Judy (Masonic Homes Kentucky), 35 people joined in from around the world to share experiences within their Masonic communities and collaborate on best practices during these unprecedented times.

Catch the replay HERE

It really feels good knowing that we have this organization behind us and that we are able to share in the good and the challenging.” – Gary Charland