Learn more about the programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri!

Behind The Programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri!

Our member spotlight is one that prides themselves on the impact that they make on their communities. Learn more about the fundamental programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri!

Creating-A-Partnership (CAP)

Beyond helping Masonic individuals and families, the inception of the Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) 20 years ago allows the Masonic Home of Missouri to assist Missouri Masons and Order of the Eastern Star members make a positive impact for children in their own communities. The CAP Program has been a significant win for many communities throughout Missouri! It is not enough for communities to survive, it is necessary for them to thrive for generations to come, and the Missouri Lodges and Chapters are doing the work to ensure this happens. Last fiscal year (FY22), 34,662 children were helped through the program and 113 Lodges and Chapters provided over $777,500 for their communities.

Programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri provide help and support for children and their communities.

This is a milestone to be truly celebrated! Follow our Facebook page for more success stories.


Veteran Flag Presentations

As we arrive into a new “normal” post pandemic, the public recognition of Veterans in Lodges and Chapters is revitalized. As a Fraternity, it has always recognized the importance of Veterans, and the programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri ensure this is upheld with a unique and personal Masonic Flag Presentation.

Presenting the Flag is an honored tradition and program at the Masonic Home of Missouri

Harry S. Truman reminds us that, “our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid.” The Masonic Home of Missouri is living by these words to repay this debt.

This meaningful ceremony brings in Masonic elements and provides a permanent reminder of that recognition in the presentation of a flag, pin and certificate. This past year there have been over 300 ceremonies across the state.

As 2023 gets underway, the core mission of the Masonic Home of Missouri resides in its ability, not only to serve those in need with a multitude of wrap around services, but to ensure the charity is protected for generations to come. Having a membership and communities who care, not only about today, but respect the past and are planning for the future ensures there will be a Masonic Home of Missouri (while not of brick and mortar) when needed most.

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