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MCSA is proud to be affiliated with Masonicare in Connecticut to keep our seniors happy and healthy. Read more about our member spotlight of April.

Historic Milestone as Two Legacy Organizations Join Forces

[Wallingford, Shelton, CT] – On May 13, 2024, two of Connecticut’s legacy senior living providers announced their intent to join forces in a historic strategic alliance. Masonicare Corporation, Connecticut’s largest not-for-profit senior care organization and United Methodist Homes, Inc. (“UMH”), a 150-year-old organization with five locations in Connecticut as well as an active third-party management business, entered into an agreement to join forces through a carefully-planned alliance designed to strengthen the delivery of care and services for the approximately 6,500 residents and patients in their care. Once concluded, this strategic union will mark a significant milestone in the history of both organizations and will set the stage for a new era of growth, innovation, and sustainability.

With a shared commitment to excellence and a rich heritage steeped in values, Masonicare and UMH will bring together a wealth of strengths, resources and expertise that will propel the unified organization to new heights. “By combining our complementary capabilities and talent, we will be poised to create a stronger, more resilient organization that is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of our residents, patients and stakeholders,” states Jon-Paul Venoit, President and CEO of Masonicare. “From our dedicated teams, to our cutting-edge technologies and extensive partner networks, we are confident that the alliance will enable us to deliver even greater value to those in our care.”

As part of the agreement, UMH will become part of the Masonicare family. Jon-Paul Venoit will remain as President and CEO of Masonicare and David Lawlor, the current President and CEO of the United Methodist Homes, will hold an executive role serving as Masonicare’s CFO and also President of its management/consulting services division. The alliance remains subject to, among other things, regulatory approvals and approval from the organizations’ governing bodies. The parties anticipate that the affiliation will be completed in early 2025.

“Our goal is clear: to harness the collective strengths, talent, and know-how of both companies to form one stronger, enduring, mission-based organization that redefines the standards of excellence in the field of senior living. We are excited to embark on this transformative journey and thrive into the future,” states Lawlor.

Upon consummation, the newly combined organization will work to integrate their teams, systems and processes in a seamless transition.

Both Masonicare and UMH credit their dedicated staff and visionary Board members with making this alliance a reality.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Ann Collette
Chief, Strategy


Masonicare is Connecticut’s largest not-for-profit integrated senior care continuum. With residential living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, senior behavioral health hospital, home health care, homemaker companion, and hospice & palliative care, Masonicare cares for nearly 4.500 patients and residents a day. For more information, visit them on the web at www.masonicare.org

United Methodist Homes

UMH is a 150-year-old organization which owns and operates five communities in Connecticut and also owns The Long Hill Company, a for-profit management and consulting firm with current operations in Texas, Oklahoma and Oregon. Together, UMH and Long Hill care for approximately 2,000 residents each day.

Learn more about the historic merger between Masonicare and United Methodist Homes to bring better care to Connecticut seniors.

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Masonicare Connecticut, founders of the ConnectCare Navigator Services, is a proud member of MSCA's many branches across the States.

Masonicare Connecticut: CareConnect Navigator Services

The challenges and complexities of the U.S. health care and senior services system are real. Trying to navigate the system during a difficult time in one’s life can add additional stress to patients, residents, and their families. To alleviate those pressures, Masonicare, our Connecticut membership branch, created CareConnect Navigator Services.

What are Masonicare’s CareConnect Navigator Services?

Masonicare’s CareConnect Navigator Services — a complimentary program — was designed to help guide you through the process of acquiring the care and services you need. Masonicare strongly promotes freedom of choice and gives recommendations so you can make the most informed decision about where you receive services.

Our CareConnect Navigator, Audrey Grove, can walk you through your financial commitments, insurance coverage and transitions of care. If your relative is the one who is entering the health care system, Audrey can help you understand where your loved one belongs in the array of health and wellness options.

Audrey has dedicated her career to working with older Americans as they transition through retirement and senior living. She facilitates support groups and coordinates a statewide educational program for seniors, working with community partners to help craft better resources and opportunities for them.

Who is Eligible for the CareConnect Navigator Services?

Like all Masonicare services, this program is open to all. From referrals and recommendations to education and support, the CareConnect Navigator is available to assist you with accessing the services, care and support you or your loved one needs.

What’s Next for Masonicare?

The MasoniCARECONNECT app is launching this September for residents in our Wallingford Independent Living community. The app offers streamlined access to the Masonicare continuum as well as the ability to easily take advantage of social and wellness programs.

Plans are already in place to expand the app to other locations/communities, as well as give access to families, employees and future residents.

In the meantime, you can contact our CareConnect Navigator directly at 888.332.0033 or via email at CareConnect@masonicare.org.

MCSA is proud to have members like Masonicare with their CareConnect Navigation Services to benefit our members in any way we can.

For information on Masonic Membership, visit our Membership page.

TMRC is a proud member of MSCA's many branches across the States.

Member Spotlight: the Texas Masonic Retirement Community

Meet our Member Spotlight of the Month, the Texas Masonic Retirement Center! With an expansive and comprehensive campus and plenty of programs to keep our seniors healthy, happy, and comfortable, we’re proud to have members like them. Read more about their No Mason Left Behind Project and about life at the Texas Masonic Retirement Community below.

Texas Masonic Retirement Community

Luxury High-Rise, Cottage Duplexes, or Cozy Apartments

At Texas Masonic Retirement Community, you’ll enjoy the finest accommodations with pricing and payment options to fit your lifestyle. We also offer a special Nursing Care Area to all qualified Texas Masons, relative of Masons, and affiliated Masonic Organizations.

All residents enjoy our expansive array of services including delicious meals, weekly housekeeping, onsite activities, offsite entertainment, shopping excursions, and more. All amenities and services are offered to every resident, regardless of the choice of living arrangements.

We’re proud to offer luxury high-rise living with a variety of floor plans for one-bedroom, two-bedrooms, and efficiency apartments. The high-rise buildings are conveniently connected by enclosed hallways to the dining area and community rooms. No need to get out in the weather to enjoy meals and activities with other residents.

We also offer a wide variety of apartments in our Historic Main Building. These cozy and convenient units are the most affordable option and provide direct access to the dining area and community gathering rooms.

Looking for a choice more like a personal residence? Consider our  Cottage Duplex accommodations. These homes are just steps away from the dining area and all activities–yet give you added options like a garage and patio.

For information on availability or to schedule a tour at the Texas Masonic Retirement Center, contact us at 817-275-2893 or send an email to info@YourTMRC.org.

No Mason Left Behind Project

The No Mason Left Behind Project helps provide comfortable and safe accommodations for older Texas Masons & their loved ones at Texas Masonic Retirement Community – ALWAYS.

We like to share stories of our residents helped by this program in order to help you understand the tremendous difference your donation makes for those who may be facing desperate poverty, unsafe living conditions, or other difficult choices. Read Judy’s story below.

Mother of a Mason Helped By Donations Like Yours – Health Problems, Cannot Live Alone, Unaffordable Housing

Judy, age 80, answered a phone call from her frantic daughter two years ago.

“Mom, I’ve called over and over! Your personal alarm paged me and an ambulance is on the way. What is going on?”

“I had completely blacked out,” explains Judy. “We figured out later that I had gotten up in the night, fallen, and hit my head on the shower door. Just before I became unconscious, I must have pressed my personal alarm button.”

However, the alarm service routed the ambulance to a wrong address. With directions from Judy’s daughter, first responders eventually arrived and transported Judy to the hospital. After a few days recovering from the ordeal, she learned the new direction her life would take.

“The doctor told me I couldn’t live alone any longer. It was just too dangerous. I looked into senior living in Florida. The prices were far beyond anything I could afford. Then my son, Charles Powell, a Master Mason living in Mansfield, Texas, said, ‘Well, mother, I know you need a safe place to live. Let’s see if we can get you into the Texas Masonic Retirement Community (TMRC). They accept relatives at no charge, if you qualify for eligibility.’ ”

With approval of her application, Judy moved into TMRC in November 2020. If she chooses, Judy may live the rest of her life in her cozy private apartment at no cost. This includes all meals, activities, medical care, and more.

“I’ve had two strokes since I’ve been here,” says Judy. “They’ve taken great care of me through it all.”

A woman of strength and purpose, Judy raised three children. She added to the family income as a waitress, cook, and in other food service positions. With her children grown and settled, Judy decided to see the world—as a semi-truck driver.

“I bought my own rig and worked as an owner/operator pulling 18-wheeler trailers up to 53 feet long. I drove in 48 states and Canada. People here love to hear my stories!”

Although she has significant health care challenges, Judy zips around on her scooter with a bright smile.

“I get up every morning and thank God I have place to call home. I go and I do. Tomorrow night we’re going to Cleburne for a Marananth meeting. It’s great living here!”

The No Mason Left Behind Project helps provide older Texas Masons and their qualified loved ones with all-inclusive 24 hour a day/7 days a week accommodations at Texas Masonic Retirement Community–including medical services and nursing care. The cost of these benefits exceeds $2.5 million annually.

Want to make a donation to the No Mason Left Behind Project?

You can use our secure online donation service or print out and mail in a donation form. We look forward to paying tribute to your kindness and benevolence.  A complete list of recognition awards and amenities is included at YourTMRC.org/donate.

MCSA is proud to have members like the Texas Masonic Retirement Center to benefit our members in any way we can.

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MasonicAid is proud to be a member of MSCA's many branches across the States.

MasonicAid: An Evolving Legacy of Compassionate Care

MasonicAid is just one of MCSA's many members across the US.

Whether 1,000 or 100,000 Freemasons are on the roster, fulfilling the Masonic obligation to care for members of the Masonic Family is the heartbeat of Freemasonry, even if it looks different across jurisdictional lines. The partnership between The Grand Lodge of Oregon and The Order of the Eastern Star has endured for over a century, displaying a committed dedication to members’ well-being. Their shared objective of providing comprehensive care and support to the aging population has evolved to address the changing needs of seniors, younger members, and their families.

For over a century, the Masonic and Eastern Star Home of Oregon, now known as The Jennings McCall Retirement Community, has been a source of comfort and care for the Masonic Family. Throughout the years, it has transitioned into a more modern facility and the original Home now serves as a local boutique hotel, benefitting the community as well as the Oregon Masonic charities.

MasonicAid is a proud member of MCSA.

As the need for additional care options arose, MasonicAid was launched in 2010 to provide personalized support and promote holistic well-being. This includes outreach services such as in-home care, resource referral, case management, and financial assistance. While The Jennings McCall Retirement Community is now open to the public, MasonicAid continues to play a crucial role in extending support to the Masonic Family no matter where they live. Through forged connections with local organizations, medical professionals, and community partners, MasonicAid ensures clients have access to the right care and support they require.

In this regard, the hybrid model emerges as an exceptional approach that blends the best of multiple worlds. It is a shining example of what organizations with a shared vision can achieve, empowering members to live with confidence, security, and a strong sense of belonging.

To learn more about MasonicAid and the other branches of the Masonic Communities and Services Association, fill out our contact form on our website.


MCSA is proud to have members like MasonicAid to benefit our people in any way we can.

Masonic Homes of California Named Top Short-Term Rehabilitation Center

Big news for Union City patients: The Masonic Homes of California has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation’s top short-term rehabilitation centers.

Established in 2016, the Masonic Homes of California’s Transitions short-term rehabilitation center is open in Union City to patients of all ages to recover following surgery, illness, or injury. The program’s highly qualified staff includes a dedicated registered nurse case manager assigned to each patient, plus an extensive interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, therapists, social services managers, and nutritionists. Specialized services are offered to patients recovering from orthopedic, neurological, and cardiopulmonary surgeries, as well as those who have experienced strokes.

Through the award-winning Transitions short-term rehabilitation program, the entire East Bay community is able to experience the world-class care that has defined the Masonic Homes for the past 125 years.

Read the whole article to discover the benefits of short-term rehabilitation at the Masonic Homes of California and reach out to an admissions coordinator at (510) 299-9144 today!

If you’re interested in what else is happening with the members of the Masonic Communities & Services Association, visit our News Page or contact us today!

MCSA is proud to be the sponsor of several members that benefit our senior communities, like Masonic Homes of California with their short-term rehabilitation care.

Three Pillars Senior Living Communities gives our residents a high-quality retirement living option, even if there's a heath condition.

Three Pillars Senior Living Communities: Expanding Every Day

Meet Our June Member Spotlight, Three Pillars Senior Living Communities!

Masonic Villages has a variety of different campuses across the US with specialties that serve our senior communities. Our Wisconsin Masonic Home’s Three Pillars Senior Living Communities span across Dousman, WI with 5 different residence centers that each focus on unique care plans. These centers include:

An Exciting Expansion

Just recently, it was announced that Three Pillars Senior Living Communities will be adding 8 new residence centers to their neighborhood in a variety of garden home, courtyard, loft, and villa styles centered around a Town Center. All living centers and residents will have access to the Town Center, which will include:

  • Casual Dining
  • Supper Club
  • Pub
  • Spa/Wellness
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Social Connection Spaces
  • Walking/Biking Trails
  • Fitness Center
  • Dog Park
  • Bark River Access

This campus expansion seeks to take the change in the needs of the retirement community in stride and meet them as they come with the same high-quality services delivered by trusted, compassionate staff and volunteers.

To learn more about the upcoming groundbreaking in the Fall of 2023, as well as the other recent modernizations and additions that have been made to the other existing neighborhoods, you can attend one of Three Pillars’ Informational Sessions or download their brochure via their website!

These healthcare-based living residence centers are part of the Masonic Community’s efforts to deconstruct the stereotypes surrounding age, care, and the options that are available outside of the traditional retirement living sphere. Learn more about Three Pillars Senior Living Communities on their website under their “Our Story” tab, with the History,News, and more at the click of a button!

Want to become a member of the Masonic Community? See about a membership!

MCSA is proud to be the partner of several retirement homes across the country, including Three Pillars Senior Living Communities in Wisconsin.

The Grand Lodge of Illinois is MCSA's spotlight member of the month for May. Learn more about them and their charitable organizations!

The Grand Lodge of Illinois: Illinois Masonic Outreach Services (IMOS) Charity

Who is The Grand Lodge of IL?

Illinois Freemasonry consists of the fraternal operations of the most worshipful Grand Lodge of ancient free and accepted Masons of the state of Illinois and the charities operations of the Illinois Masonic Charities organizations.

The Grand Lodge of Illinois is the 4th largest Masonic grand jurisdiction in the United States based upon membership size and provides members with a valuable and quality masonic membership experience. Through that experience, they bring to life how Freemasons invest in self-improvement and being useful to others, which has continued to advance the cherished legacy of the ancient and honorable fraternity in Illinois since 1840.

Their charities operations provide valuable services to the fraternity members, families and other citizens of Illinois. These services are an outward expression of our Masonic values, duties and responsibilities. Fundamentally, they represent (along with the many local community service and charitable efforts of our Lodges) how Freemasons are useful and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Want to Get Involved?

The Illinois Freemasonry Magazine is a quarterly publication that highlights several learning and service opportunities along with other activities that benefit our members and communities. Here is the link to access a digital version of their magazine if you’re interested in keeping up to date with their activities! If you would like to learn more about Illinois Freemasonry, then you can visit their website for more information on:

The Grand Lodge of Illinois is committed to the Freemasons of Illinois and their communities, which is why they have one of the largest charity outreach programs in the nation.


Illinois Masonic Outreach Services (IMOS) Charity


“To assist our members in fulfilling their Masonic Oath of coming to the aid of a Brother, their spouse, widow and orphans in times of necessity and to bridge the gap between community resources and our Member’s needs by promoting access to the services and resources they may need to resolve personal challenges and improve their quality of life.”

To learn more about the several ways that they bring their mission to life, visit their IMOS website!

Currently, they have more than 100 Master Masons, spouses, and widows in their monthly assistance program. They are also focusing on a new Career Development Program that will be rolling out very soon, so stay tuned!

Due to the most recent tornados, flooding, and storms, they have reached out to Illinois Master Masons and widows across the country. They’ve sent out more than 5,000 letters via regular mail and email to AL, AR, CA, IL, IN, MS, and TN to name a few states, just to let Illinois Freemasonry family members know that the Grand Lodge of Illinois is here for them should they need disaster relief.

For information on similar Grand Lodges, visit MCSA’s member directory!

From CNA to Management: A Journey Featuring Jobs in Senior Living

Follow along with a blog from the Careers department at Masonic Homes Kentucky about healthcare jobs in the senior living industry and the 4 factors you need to consistently climb the senior living ladder!

From Their Newsroom:

If there’s one thing to know about senior living, it’s that the industry is largely dynamic and ever-growing. It has dramatically changed over the last few decades going from the idea of only being skilled “nursing homes” – lined with sterile rooms furnished with hospital beds – to flourishing retirement, independent, assisted living and memory care communities; communities that foster dignity, independence, purpose and respect.

If you’re just beginning your journey in senior living, a community-level position may be the perfect fit for you! These positions would include NAs, dining servers, cooks, housekeeping, maintenance generalist, and others. There are leadership roles in these departments as well like hospitality manager, activities and/or life enrichment director, sales director, registered nurse (RN), certified nursing assistant (CNA), or even an Executive Director.

According to MHKY, here are a few steps to take personally that will greatly impact your professional growth and upward movement in your career:

Climbing the corporate ladder in senior living and care to a management position is a natural flow, especially in environments like Masonic homes and communities.


Read the full blog from Masonic Homes Kentucky on their news page!

About Masonic Homes Kentucky

Founded in 1867, Masonic Homes Kentucky’s aging care services include independent living, assisted living, personal care, rehabilitation therapies, memory care, skilled nursing care, home care, dialysis, medical clinic and child development. Its campuses are located in Louisville, Shelbyville and Northern Kentucky. For more information, visit www.masonichomesky.com!

If you’re interested in becoming a Masonic member, visit our Membership page today!


The MCSA is recognized for setting the standard of care for Masonic charitable organizations, and providing on-going support, assistance, and professional education to member communities.

The 2023 Conference of Grand Masters and George Washington Masonic National Memorial Centennial

A Special Member Spotlight Edition

The MCSA is recognized for setting the standard of care for Masonic charitable organizations, and providing on-going support, assistance, and professional education to member communities.

MCSA representatives attended the 2023 Conference of Grand Masters and George Washington Masonic National Memorial Centennial held in Arlington, Virginia, from February 17-21. MCSA served as a registered sponsor for the event, providing an excellent opportunity to create awareness with representatives from Grand Lodges across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and around the world.

With the wonderful turnout and in an exciting nod to the past GWMNM, the Grand Masters were able to recreate the LIFE magazine photo from 1956 – just look at how we’ve grown! We were also able to, in uniform, join the festivities with a few member jurisdictions from Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and Pennsylvania participating in the parade! If you’re interested in viewing the recordings of the parade and Cornerstone Rededication Ceremony at the GWMNM, click here!

2023 Conference of Grand Masters and George Washington Masonic National Memorial Centennial

1956 Grand Masters

The MCSA is recognized for setting the standard of care for Masonic charitable organizations, and providing on-going support, assistance,and professional education to member communities.

2023 Grand Masters










MCSA’s Informational and Expansion Opportunities

In addition to hosting an evening reception – an event that we owe to the support of the Masonic Home of Missouri and the Grand Lodge of Missouri – MCSA had an informational table in the Masonic Marketplace exhibit hall to make our mark and take part with active participation that drew the attention of those in attendance. The event provided terrific opportunities to introduce and emphasize the benefits of a MCSA membership, speak with prospective members individually, and answer any questions that anyone might have had.

The MCSA is recognized for setting the standard of care for Masonic charitable organizations, and providing on-going support, assistance,and professional education to member communities.

Barbara Ramsay Speaking at the 2023 Conference of Grand Masters and George Washington Masonic National Memorial Centennial

Barbara Ramsey, Executive Director of the Masonic Home of Missouri and Past Chair of MCSA, presented at a general session that was well-attended by many jurisdictions. In addition to sharing what MCSA is and what we do, she described how the Masonic Home of Missouri has transitioned from a “brick and mortar” community to an outreach-based organization, extending its mission in a practical, valuable way.

The MCSA board will meet for a strategic planning session later this month, during which we will continue developing a plan for the implantation of initiatives to grow our membership and add value to our current members. Look for updates soon!

What’s Next for MCSA?

To keep up to date with our upcoming events, stay tuned into our Events Page on our website! For now, we look forward to our annual MCSA conference taking place from June 11-13 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Get ready to enjoy targeted education sessions, entertainment for all, and a tour of our host, Three Pillars’, beautiful community.

If you haven’t registered, do so today by clicking here!


2023 Conference of Grand Masters and George Washington Masonic National Memorial Centennial Photo Gallery

Parade at the 2023 Conference of Grand Masters and George Washington Masonic National Memorial Centennial

Staff photo by James Cullum: The City of Alexandria Pipes and Drums marches in the George Washington Birthday Parade in Old Town on Presidents Day Feb. 20, 2023

Washington MCSA at the 2023 Conference of Grand Masters and George Washington Masonic National Memorial Centennial

2023 Conference of Grand Masters and George Washington Masonic National Memorial Centennial Pennsylvania jurisdiction - Pennsylvania MCSA

2023 Conference of Grand Masters and George Washington Masonic National Memorial Centennial MCSA of Oregon in Parade

2023 Conference of Grand Masters and George Washington Masonic National Memorial Centennial Parade Ohio MCSA

Learn more about the programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri!

Behind The Programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri!

Our member spotlight is one that prides themselves on the impact that they make on their communities. Learn more about the fundamental programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri!

Creating-A-Partnership (CAP)

Beyond helping Masonic individuals and families, the inception of the Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) 20 years ago allows the Masonic Home of Missouri to assist Missouri Masons and Order of the Eastern Star members make a positive impact for children in their own communities. The CAP Program has been a significant win for many communities throughout Missouri! It is not enough for communities to survive, it is necessary for them to thrive for generations to come, and the Missouri Lodges and Chapters are doing the work to ensure this happens. Last fiscal year (FY22), 34,662 children were helped through the program and 113 Lodges and Chapters provided over $777,500 for their communities.

Programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri provide help and support for children and their communities.

This is a milestone to be truly celebrated! Follow our Facebook page for more success stories.


Veteran Flag Presentations

As we arrive into a new “normal” post pandemic, the public recognition of Veterans in Lodges and Chapters is revitalized. As a Fraternity, it has always recognized the importance of Veterans, and the programs at the Masonic Home of Missouri ensure this is upheld with a unique and personal Masonic Flag Presentation.

Presenting the Flag is an honored tradition and program at the Masonic Home of Missouri

Harry S. Truman reminds us that, “our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid.” The Masonic Home of Missouri is living by these words to repay this debt.

This meaningful ceremony brings in Masonic elements and provides a permanent reminder of that recognition in the presentation of a flag, pin and certificate. This past year there have been over 300 ceremonies across the state.

As 2023 gets underway, the core mission of the Masonic Home of Missouri resides in its ability, not only to serve those in need with a multitude of wrap around services, but to ensure the charity is protected for generations to come. Having a membership and communities who care, not only about today, but respect the past and are planning for the future ensures there will be a Masonic Home of Missouri (while not of brick and mortar) when needed most.

Learn more about the upcoming events on our page!