Meet Symbria, Our Business Partner Spotlight

Symbria is a company who is working towards uniting Pharmacy, Therapy and Well-Being for skilled nursing and assisted living communities through a single strategic partner. Symbria’s culture of innovation and creative use of technology provides support to client communities empowering them to achieve better results, lightening their clinical team’s workload, and sharpening their competitive edge.

Learn More About the Benefits of Symbria

We know transitioning to a new provider can be overwhelming, but Symbria’s comprehensive services integrate to deliver optimum efficiency and impact from a single strategic partner—that’s the Power of One. Our team works seamlessly with your staff—and each other. Since our services are driven by insights and analytics about your organization, we tailor our services to assist you in reaching your goals. Below are client testimonials on the benefits they have received from choosing Symbria.

  • Contract vs. in-house therapy: Weighing your options. In this webinar, Bobbie Gray, Senior Director of Presbyterian SeniorCare Network, shares her journey of transitioning to contract therapy services for her community. Watch this webinar to gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of each.
  • Medication management: The benefits of strip packaging. In this webinar, Anthony Columbatto, Vice President of Health Services at John Knox Village, discusses the benefits his community has experienced from transitioning from bingo cards to strip packaging. Watch this webinar to learn more about how our strip packaging programs save time, improve accuracy, and reduce waste.
  • What The Power of One means to residentsWatch this testimonial video to learn about the benefits of Symbria’s Well-Being program and how it has positively impacted a resident’s daily life.

Interested in learning how much can you save with Symbria? Check out our Savings Calculator to see how much you can save for your community.

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MCSA is proud to be the partner of several companies that benefit our senior communities, like Symbria.

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