The History

In 1842, Greenfield Pote, the Grand Tiler of the New York State Masonic Fraternity, laid a silver dollar on the altar of the Grand Lodge Session and asked for the creation of a home for indigent Masons, their wives, and their orphans. One year later, a memorial was presented at Grand Lodge that contained the signatures of one hundred Masons and was accompanied by a sum of $300. The group asked to raise money to do two things – build the Masonic Hall in New York City to house the Grand Lodge and Masonic bodies, and to establish a home for Masons. That was the beginning of the Masonic Care Community in Utica, New York, which opened its doors in 1892.

Masonic Care Community New York Today

Last year MCC marked its 130th anniversary. We are a nonprofit organization serving more than 500 older adults. Our programs for seniors include independent housing, skilled nursing care, adult care, rehabilitative services, in addition to home care. As we have done since we first first opened, we continue to serve children at our onsite Child Care Center.

The following is what makes the Masonic Care Community special:

1. We have a beautiful 440-acre campus that includes:

  • Expansive lawns
  • Walking paths
  • A pond
  • An apple orchard
  • A chapel
  • A bee lodge with honey harvesting
  • A new Horticultural Center where lettuce and herbs are grown for resident meals

2. The MCC team is second to none! In total, we have over 700 employees, which include:

  • A healthcare team of:
    • Two physicians
    • A nurse practitioner
    • An infection prevention coordinator
    • RNs, LPNs, CNAs
    • Therapy staff
    • Dieticians
    • Resident community life leaders
    • Social workers
  • In addition to the healthcare team, we have our executive and administrative team, as well as food service, grounds, transportation, information technology, and security employees.

3. Because our campus is unique, we can offer resident activities that are not available at most other senior care facilities.

This includes fishing in our pond, apple picking in the orchard, an outdoor bike program, and planting and growing activities in our Horticultural Center. Because of our Child Care Center, we also have an amazing intergenerational program that connects our senior residents with children from the Child Care Center. While receiving the highest quality long-term care, residents have activities that help them stay social and live purposeful lives.

Check out a couple of photos from MCC and the different events and outings that seniors at Masonic Care Community New York have enjoyed!