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Care Purchasing Services

What Does Care Purchasing Services Do?

Care Purchasing Services is a national purchasing consulting organization specializing in connecting communities in the field of senior living. With over 250 well-respected suppliers in the field of senior living, CPS provides dedicated and experienced customer service resulting in cost savings for:

  • Operations
  • Food service
  • Medical supplies
  • Therapy
  • Pharmacy
  • Environmental services
  • Construction and renovation
  • Technology
  • And more!

The CPS team partners with you to offer competitive rates on products and services critical to your community’s operation. We leverage our national purchasing power to deliver exceptional value and significant savings. With our national procurement expertise, we aim to provide communities with outstanding customer service, purchasing flexibility and value that has a measurable impact.

Read more below about some of Care Purchasing Services’ most recent activities, and how you can keep up with them!

White Papers

Care Purchasing Services offers experience and expertise in a variety of subject areas. One way we share that with our partners is via white papers. Our most recent white paper is on master planning for the long-term success of a community.

This 3-step process helps ensure long-term viability and market position. Every senior living community reaches a point in its life cycle at which it could start to decline. This can sometimes be as soon as 10 years after opening. Capital improvements must be made to sustain the community’s appeal and viability.

Master planning can help your community attract a new generation of residents and ensure its continued relevance in the marketplace.

Built on the goals identified in the strategic planning process, master planning takes a high-level look at the senior living community to provide a long-term vision for capital improvements. During the master planning process, stakeholders participate in guided planning sessions, robust discussions and group collaboration to plan for the future.

The white paper, “Master Planning: Essential Roadmap for Senior Living Communities,” will help owners and board members develop a deliberate, thoughtful, systematic, and financially prudent approach to solutions to maintain market position.

Download the white paper now to help prepare for the future and ensure the continued success of your senior living community!

Care Purchasing Services Case Study

Want an in-depth, real-world application of Care Purchasing Services’ impact? Read more in the case study featuring HealthPeak and how CPS found savings for a portfolio of 13 communities.


Want to learn more about about us? We’ll be attending several conferences, conventions, meetings, gatherings, assemblies, and more in 2024! Come visit us and learn more about what we do and how we can help.

CPS Newsletter

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MCSA is proud to have partners like Care Purchasing Services to benefit our members in any way we can.

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