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MCSA is proud to partner with Care Purchasing Services to keep our seniors happy and healthy. Read more about our business partner spotlight of March.

Care Purchasing Services

What Does Care Purchasing Services Do?

Care Purchasing Services is a national purchasing consulting organization specializing in connecting communities in the field of senior living. With over 250 well-respected suppliers in the field of senior living, CPS provides dedicated and experienced customer service resulting in cost savings for:

  • Operations
  • Food service
  • Medical supplies
  • Therapy
  • Pharmacy
  • Environmental services
  • Construction and renovation
  • Technology
  • And more!

The CPS team partners with you to offer competitive rates on products and services critical to your community’s operation. We leverage our national purchasing power to deliver exceptional value and significant savings. With our national procurement expertise, we aim to provide communities with outstanding customer service, purchasing flexibility and value that has a measurable impact.

Read more below about some of Care Purchasing Services’ most recent activities, and how you can keep up with them!

White Papers

Care Purchasing Services offers experience and expertise in a variety of subject areas. One way we share that with our partners is via white papers. Our most recent white paper is on master planning for the long-term success of a community.

This 3-step process helps ensure long-term viability and market position. Every senior living community reaches a point in its life cycle at which it could start to decline. This can sometimes be as soon as 10 years after opening. Capital improvements must be made to sustain the community’s appeal and viability.

Master planning can help your community attract a new generation of residents and ensure its continued relevance in the marketplace.

Built on the goals identified in the strategic planning process, master planning takes a high-level look at the senior living community to provide a long-term vision for capital improvements. During the master planning process, stakeholders participate in guided planning sessions, robust discussions and group collaboration to plan for the future.

The white paper, “Master Planning: Essential Roadmap for Senior Living Communities,” will help owners and board members develop a deliberate, thoughtful, systematic, and financially prudent approach to solutions to maintain market position.

Download the white paper now to help prepare for the future and ensure the continued success of your senior living community!

Care Purchasing Services Case Study

Want an in-depth, real-world application of Care Purchasing Services’ impact? Read more in the case study featuring HealthPeak and how CPS found savings for a portfolio of 13 communities.


Want to learn more about about us? We’ll be attending several conferences, conventions, meetings, gatherings, assemblies, and more in 2024! Come visit us and learn more about what we do and how we can help.

CPS Newsletter

If you would like to keep up with Care Purchasing Services’ news and updates, subscribe to our CPS Newsletter!


MCSA is proud to have partners like Care Purchasing Services to benefit our members in any way we can.

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MCSA is proud to partner with Value First to keep our seniors happy and healthy. Read more about our business partner spotlight of February.

Value First: A LeadingAge Member Benefit

Value First is a group purchasing organization (GPO) that provides free, no obligation services for senior living communities. We help to reduce their operational costs through discounted pricing and rebates on food, medical, environmental and office supplies, as well as capital equipment. We are honored to be the exclusive GPO for Masonic Communities and Services.

Value First is owned by LeadingAge and 25 state affiliates. Value First was created by LeadingAge and is the only GPO that’s truly focused on serving the purchasing needs of LeadingAge members based on our extensive experience and knowledge of senior living communities.

As a free benefit for senior living providers, we will conduct a thorough supply chain cost analysis comparing their current monthly spend with Value First’s negotiated pricing.  We have contracted vendors in many categories including Food, IT, Maintenance, Medical Supplies, Landscaping, and Environmental Services to name a few. Click on the image below for a summary list of our current suppliers and distributers.

List of Value First Suppliers and Distributors

MCSA is proud to have partners like Groove Tech Solutions to benefit our members in any way we can.

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MCSA is proud to partner with Groove Technology Solutions to keep our seniors happy and healthy. Read more about our business partner spotlight of January.

Meet Groove Technology Solutions

Who is Groove Technology Solutions?

At Groove, we’re way more than the highest Google-rated Direct TV provider in Senior Living! We are a low voltage technology integration company. Making our customers more efficient by streamlining and strategizing on all thing’s low voltage for their communities, such as:

  • Resident TV
  • Resident and Corporate WiFi
  • Nurse Call
  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Telephony

Low-Voltage Technology Assessments

When it comes to the new year, we always recommend that our clients start off the new year right with a low voltage technology assessment. We’ll come on-site, review and evaluate your low voltage technology, then provide you with a 5-year strategic roadmap. If any of your structures are 10+ years old, chances are that you or someone in your organization is constantly chasing low voltage technology issues. More than likely, you are also dealing with multiple vendors and a fair degree of finger pointing. Our assessment will identify critical areas, prioritize resolutions, and move towards a path of integration and standardization.

What’s New in 2024?

For Groove, what’s new for 2024 is our launch into the Multi – Family market. In addition to our senior living expertise, we are now providing smart building technology for independent living communities. If you are looking to give your residents the very best in smart room technology, we would love to talk to you about Della, our multi-family solution!

If you would like to learn more, check out the links to our site and please feel free to contact your MCSA partner rep, Lou Lindsey at lou@getgrooven.com or at his cellphone, 502-963-6726.

MCSA is proud to have partners like Groove Tech Solutions to benefit our members in any way we can.

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MCSA is proud to partner with Eklego Workforce Solutions to keep our seniors happy and healthy. Read more about our business partner spotlight of December.

Eklego Workforce Solutions: Where Talent Moves Mission

Meet Eklego, our Business Partner Spotlight for December.

As a workforce solutions company, Eklego has a distinctive characteristic that ties them to MCSA – they’re exclusively a senior care solutions company. They leverage their extensive experience to achieve workforce goals and deliver the best possible care for seniors, and and operate on performance-based, results-driven data for optimal, quantifiable success.

Eklego offers services such as:

  • Workforce Consulting
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Professional & Clinical Search
  • Contract Nurse Staffing

Find more information on their brand-new website and in the informational flyer below!

MCSA is proud to partner with Eklego Workforce Solutions to keep our seniors happy and healthy. Read more about our business partner spotlight of December.

MCSA is proud to have partners like Eklego to benefit our members in any way we can.

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MCSA is proud to partner with CCL Hospitality Group to keep our seniors happy and healthy. Read more about our business partner spotlight of November.

Business Partner Spotlight: CCL Hospitality Group

Who is CCL Hospitality Group?

CCL Hospitality Group was created with the sole vision of enhancing the lives of those we serve through great food, professional service and an unwavering commitment to quality. We are transparent and intentional about driving results for our clients. We’re not a vendor, we are a partner and form relationships built on dedication, loyalty, hard work and honesty. Our people are our greatest competitive edge, and our diverse people-driven culture of experts drives our growth making us an industry leader. And, even though we form a large organization, we are nimble, proactive and forward-thinking in our approach – so we can assess, recommend and implement innovative operations and programming quickly for maximum results.

CCL Hospitality Group’s Companies: Serving the Senior Community

At the present, CCL Hospitality has four functioning companies that provide important and beneficial services to the senior living community.

Morrison Living

Whether it’s providing extraordinary culinary experiences, implementing intelligent design concepts, or developing innovative wellness programs, our goal is to empower you and your community through the power of togetherness. Together, we can create an environment where residents thrive and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.


Unidine presents an unparalleled suite of premier hospitality and dining management solutions that will empower your personnel and revolutionize your organization. Our strategic, forward-thinking services are meticulously designed to optimize the performance of your esteemed food service department, regardless of your organization’s scale.


At Coreworks, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional support services that prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of residents and patients, ultimately helping communities thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. From meticulously tidying guests’ rooms to maintaining spotless restrooms and corridors, we understand that housekeeping plays a vital role in creating a welcoming and hospitable environment. Our laundry services are tailored to meet your specific requirements, providing efficient linen collection, folding, storage, and distribution. The maintenance of your facility is of utmost importance to us!

The Hub

Our specialization lies in delivering exceptional space designs that stand the test of time. With extensive experience and expertise in design, we seamlessly blend creative innovations with smart optimization strategies. Our approach to hospitality design focuses on creating highly functional and immensely livable spaces for both senior living community residents and staff.

Learn more about CCL Hospitality Group on their website!


MCSA is proud to have members like CCL Hospitality Group to benefit our members in any way we can.

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MCSA is proud to partner with HealthPRO Heritage to keep our seniors happy and healthy. Read more about our business partner spotlight of October

Meet HealthPRO Heritage, Our Spotlight Business Partner

HealthPRO Heritage is a national provider of therapy and consulting services best known for clinical innovation, compliance excellence, and a unique approach to market that produces optimal outcomes in a healthcare/payment reform environment.  Deep experience in cross-continuum programming, coupled with a sophisticated technology platform, enables HealthPRO Heritage to support our partners with critical marketplace intelligence, programs and outcomes that drive occupancy and inform strategic decisions.

Skilled Nursing:

We optimize clinical care and outcomes in both short-term rehab programs and long-term care populations, while managing re-hospitalization rates and implementing clinical programs that will position your program for success.

HealthPRO Heritage has been providing therapy services to SNFs since our inception. Founded by skilled nursing and therapy professionals who led therapy divisions to insurmountable success, our company’s approach is deeply rooted in an understanding of the challenges you face on a daily basis.

It’s no coincidence that HealthPRO Heritage’s Clients exceed national averages for star ratings and quality measures:

MCSA is proud to partner with HealthPRO Heritage to keep our seniors happy and healthy.

Learn more about our Skilled Nursing Services

HealthPRO Heritage has positively impacted our partners across the spectrum, including Senior Living (AL/IL/MEM) and Skilled Nursing:

MCSA is proud to partner with HealthPRO Heritage to keep our seniors happy and healthy.


RISE Senior Living, by HealthPRO Heritage: A Sophisticated Therapy & Wellness Services Partner for Assisted & Independent Living & Memory Care Providers.

For more than a decade, HealthPRO Heritage’s Senior Living Division (now, Rise Senior Living) has partnered with Memory Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Living communities to optimize residents’ quality of life and strategically drive robust campus-wide success. We now serve over 400 Senior Living communities across the nation, bringing expertise and passion to help produce great outcomes for our community partners and their residents.

MCSA is proud to partner with HealthPRO Heritage to keep our seniors happy and healthy.

Learn more about RISE Senior Living

Aging gracefully and safely is a top priority for our senior loved ones. Between 2000 & 2020, rates of deadly falls surged among older adults, with the steepest increase seen in those aged 85 & older. Transitioning to new settings like Senior Living can pose unique challenges, as they adapt to unfamiliar surroundings and routines.

At HealthPRO Heritage we are committed to ensuring our residents’ well-being and success. Our ‘Health and Wellness Assessments’ are the cornerstone of our approach, providing valuable insights into each resident’s lifestyle. This proactive measure allows us to mitigate risks upon move-in and continuously over time.

We believe in meaningful touchpoints that optimize the resident experience and ensure their success. Your loved ones deserve nothing but the best care, resources, and support.

Check out HealthPRO Heritage’s Impact on Occupancy:

MCSA is proud to partner with HealthPRO Heritage to keep our seniors happy and healthy.

Learn how we dropped the move-rate rate by 55%!

Contact HealthPRO Heritage

Please reach out to HealthPRO Heritage for any therapy or consulting needs at jbringas@healthpro-heritage.com or by phone at 847-629-0302

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MCSA is proud to have members like Masonicare with their CareConnect Navigation Services to benefit our members in any way we can.

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MCSA is proud to partner with NEXDINE Hospitality for Aging Seniors

NEXDINE Hospitality and Aging Services

SFCS has been providing architecture, interior design, and engineering services to the senior living community since 1920, and MCSA is is lucky to be partnered with them.

SFCS: Positive Solutions for Change

Meet our July Business Partner Spotlight: SFCS!

SFCS was founded in 1920, and have been growing, expanding, and spreading positive solutions to a variety of environments ever since. They now have 4 offices across the East and Midwest that specialize in:

  • Senior living
  • Education
  • Civic/public architecture
  • Engineering
  • Interior design

In their beautiful PDF, you’ll get an overview of their company’s history, insight into their senior living design experience, a list of their exciting upcoming events, and a few of their current projects with the Masonic Communities – Masonic Care Community of Henrietta, NY and the Masonic Home of New York in Utica! Access their PDF:

An Overview of SFCS

SFCS seeks to be a well-rounded company who invests in the people and companies who invest in them, which is why they pride themselves on making a difference in the communities where we live, work, and play. Their staff participates and leads fun and creative fundraising events and volunteering opportunities for different organizations through a program called SFCS Cares — a platform utilized by our team to engage and use their talents and contribute to the greater good.

They believe that every innovation has an expiration, and that’s why they push boundaries to continually improve the places that they design, from sketches to reality.

We encourage you to follow SFCS on their social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

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MCSA is proud to be the partner of several companies that benefit our senior communities, like SFCS.

Cain Brothers is a division of KeyBanc, a Capital Marketing group, who manages the healthcare invetment banking sector. MCSA has partnered up with them to bring our members the best experience possible!

Cain Brothers: Managing Healthcare Investment Banking for Us All

Our Business Partner Spotlight:
Cain Brothers, a Division of KeyBanc Capital Markets

With the recognizable red and white key logo, you might recognize the name KeyBanc, which is a division of KeyCorp, who owns KeyBank as well. KeyBanc is a capital marketing company, though, and Cain Brothers, our esteemed Business Partner Spotlight of the Month, is another division under them.

As the preeminent healthcare investment bank in the United States, Cain Brothers offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to meet certain financing and strategic needs of healthcare organizations, which we fall under in order to provide our members with the best care possible. Our partnerships allow us to give our members in Masonic communities and orders across the nation the best experience with us and to grow our portfolio of opportunities. Each business partner offers something unique, and Cain Brothers have:

  • Over 100 investment bankers exclusively focused on the healthcare industry.
  • More than 300 successful M&A, debt capital markets, and equity capital markets transactions since 2016
  • Merger and Acquisitions Advisory, including:
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Divestitures
    • Conversion, Joint Ventures and Affiliations
    • Strategic Advisory Services
    • Fairness Opinions and Valuations
  • Debt and Equity Capital Market Services:
    • Leveraged Finance
    • Syndicated Loans
    • Tax-Exempt Bond Underwriting
    • Bridge Financing
    • Investment Grade and High Yield Bonds
    • IPO and Follow-on Equity Underwriting
    • Growth (Private) Equity Placements
    • FHA and Agency Financing
    • Real Estate Financing
    • Asset-Based Lending

To learn more about what Cain Brothers do, visit their page on KeyBanc’s website, dive into the variety of Insights and Ideas from the healthcare banking experts, or get granular with the Cain Brothers Industry Insights that goes further into detail about information for borrowers in the months following the Silicon Valley Bank failure and ongoing banking disruption.

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MCSA is proud to be the partner of several businesses across the globe in a variety of different sectors, including Cain Brothers, a division of KeyBanc.

Masonic Communities partners with Mill Creek Capital Advisors for national investments and trustworthy financial advice.

Mill Creek Capital Advisors: What’s New?