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MCSA is proud to be affiliated with Masonicare in Connecticut to keep our seniors happy and healthy. Read more about our member spotlight of April.

Historic Milestone as Two Legacy Organizations Join Forces

[Wallingford, Shelton, CT] – On May 13, 2024, two of Connecticut’s legacy senior living providers announced their intent to join forces in a historic strategic alliance. Masonicare Corporation, Connecticut’s largest not-for-profit senior care organization and United Methodist Homes, Inc. (“UMH”), a 150-year-old organization with five locations in Connecticut as well as an active third-party management business, entered into an agreement to join forces through a carefully-planned alliance designed to strengthen the delivery of care and services for the approximately 6,500 residents and patients in their care. Once concluded, this strategic union will mark a significant milestone in the history of both organizations and will set the stage for a new era of growth, innovation, and sustainability.

With a shared commitment to excellence and a rich heritage steeped in values, Masonicare and UMH will bring together a wealth of strengths, resources and expertise that will propel the unified organization to new heights. “By combining our complementary capabilities and talent, we will be poised to create a stronger, more resilient organization that is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of our residents, patients and stakeholders,” states Jon-Paul Venoit, President and CEO of Masonicare. “From our dedicated teams, to our cutting-edge technologies and extensive partner networks, we are confident that the alliance will enable us to deliver even greater value to those in our care.”

As part of the agreement, UMH will become part of the Masonicare family. Jon-Paul Venoit will remain as President and CEO of Masonicare and David Lawlor, the current President and CEO of the United Methodist Homes, will hold an executive role serving as Masonicare’s CFO and also President of its management/consulting services division. The alliance remains subject to, among other things, regulatory approvals and approval from the organizations’ governing bodies. The parties anticipate that the affiliation will be completed in early 2025.

“Our goal is clear: to harness the collective strengths, talent, and know-how of both companies to form one stronger, enduring, mission-based organization that redefines the standards of excellence in the field of senior living. We are excited to embark on this transformative journey and thrive into the future,” states Lawlor.

Upon consummation, the newly combined organization will work to integrate their teams, systems and processes in a seamless transition.

Both Masonicare and UMH credit their dedicated staff and visionary Board members with making this alliance a reality.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Ann Collette
Chief, Strategy


Masonicare is Connecticut’s largest not-for-profit integrated senior care continuum. With residential living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, senior behavioral health hospital, home health care, homemaker companion, and hospice & palliative care, Masonicare cares for nearly 4.500 patients and residents a day. For more information, visit them on the web at www.masonicare.org

United Methodist Homes

UMH is a 150-year-old organization which owns and operates five communities in Connecticut and also owns The Long Hill Company, a for-profit management and consulting firm with current operations in Texas, Oklahoma and Oregon. Together, UMH and Long Hill care for approximately 2,000 residents each day.

Learn more about the historic merger between Masonicare and United Methodist Homes to bring better care to Connecticut seniors.

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Masonicare Connecticut, founders of the ConnectCare Navigator Services, is a proud member of MSCA's many branches across the States.

Masonicare Connecticut: CareConnect Navigator Services

The challenges and complexities of the U.S. health care and senior services system are real. Trying to navigate the system during a difficult time in one’s life can add additional stress to patients, residents, and their families. To alleviate those pressures, Masonicare, our Connecticut membership branch, created CareConnect Navigator Services.

What are Masonicare’s CareConnect Navigator Services?

Masonicare’s CareConnect Navigator Services — a complimentary program — was designed to help guide you through the process of acquiring the care and services you need. Masonicare strongly promotes freedom of choice and gives recommendations so you can make the most informed decision about where you receive services.

Our CareConnect Navigator, Audrey Grove, can walk you through your financial commitments, insurance coverage and transitions of care. If your relative is the one who is entering the health care system, Audrey can help you understand where your loved one belongs in the array of health and wellness options.

Audrey has dedicated her career to working with older Americans as they transition through retirement and senior living. She facilitates support groups and coordinates a statewide educational program for seniors, working with community partners to help craft better resources and opportunities for them.

Who is Eligible for the CareConnect Navigator Services?

Like all Masonicare services, this program is open to all. From referrals and recommendations to education and support, the CareConnect Navigator is available to assist you with accessing the services, care and support you or your loved one needs.

What’s Next for Masonicare?

The MasoniCARECONNECT app is launching this September for residents in our Wallingford Independent Living community. The app offers streamlined access to the Masonicare continuum as well as the ability to easily take advantage of social and wellness programs.

Plans are already in place to expand the app to other locations/communities, as well as give access to families, employees and future residents.

In the meantime, you can contact our CareConnect Navigator directly at 888.332.0033 or via email at CareConnect@masonicare.org.

MCSA is proud to have members like Masonicare with their CareConnect Navigation Services to benefit our members in any way we can.

For information on Masonic Membership, visit our Membership page.